Inside/Out – 2019

Inside/Out, Susan’s second solo exhibition, held at Gallery One88 Finearts, Katoomba NSW. 5th -17th November 2019.

This series describes the different facets of Susan’s art as she endeavours to grow as an artist and further develop her art practice. Themes of nature, beauty, environment, home and the Australian landscape are central as well as the contrasting interior and exterior, natural or styled settings and subject matter. Colour and light are important features as well as texture and brush stroke.

The paintings are inspired by her home and studio, as well as the natural landscape of the Blue Mountains National Park and views from her dog walking tracks around Glenbrook. These works hint at different aspects of her personality as she observes, experiments, discovers influences and further builds connections to the environment she inhabits – whether it be from the inside or out.

“All form – landscape, interiors, still life, flowers, animals, people – has an inarticulate grace and beauty: painting to me is expressing this form in colour, colour vibrant with light – but containing this other, silent quality which is unconscious, and belongs to all things created.“