Discovering the Blue Labyrinth – 2018

First solo exhibition at Braemar House & Gallery, Springwood NSW. 
29 March – 22 April 2018

I live on the edge of The Blue Labyrinth. This is a tract of World Heritage protected land that stretches between Wentworth Falls and Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains National Park.

Each day I begin, gazing out at the morning mist as it rises out of the valley, and end the day with a spectacular display as the sun sets. 

The landscape changes dramatically, depending on the weather, the time of day and the seasons. It supports a variety of life, from haunting black cockatoos and their boisterous white cousins to shy wallabies and reptiles, ready to scurry when disturbed from their sun baking.

I moved to Glenbrook at the end of 2014, and after visiting well known sights in the Upper Mountains, I was curious to know more about the Blue Mountains National Park in my backyard. When I came across “A History of The Blue Labyrinth” by Bruce Cameron, the opening foreward had me captivated…

“This is a place forgotten to many, hovering vaguely on the edge of perception for some, known and loved by a few… The Blue Labyrinth has resisted these two hundred years of human insurgencies. It remains a wild place, flourishing in life.”

opening foreward by Ian Brown

From that passage grew an idea for a exhibition of artworks, inspired by my backyard and the expansive horizons of the Blue Labyrinth, and all that it holds.